A common denominator between all of our clients at OrangeBall is a universal commitment to the customer. We see it every day in the brands we partner with, and Jaguar Communications is an exceptional example of this. As we walked them through our Brand Bounce Bootcamp and began to develop their brand messages, we quickly uncovered customer service as one of Jaguar’s cornerstones. They talked about it, but even more impressive, they lived it and were passionate about it as a team. We were able to weave this story of local, real customer service into their website and marketing materials, and have positioned them as a key internet, TV, and voice player in Minnesota.

We choose to work with OrangeBall to help us reinfuse our brand. What a great partnership it was, their process of listening, exploring, strategizing, design and deployment worked fantastically. They not only care about their customer, they truly partner and act as if it’s their own company. This gave them great insight into our business. Working together with them and having great discussion about design and messaging was a treat. It wasn’t just about all their ideas, but rather a collaboration with us. We couldn’t be happier with the results of the updates we have made together and look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.

Maria Rogers, Jaguar Communications