A simple idea, sparked a great thought – Get My Health Quotes, an essential quoting tool for brokers in the ever-changing healthcare arena. When Freedom Services was ready to launch this new product, they came to OrangeBall for help in developing the brand. Simple napkin sketches quickly evolved into a concept that built off the existing Freedom Services brand, but gave this product a standalone identity. Fast, simple and accurate online quoting lives here, and they’ll check all the boxes for you.

OrangeBall is the real deal, period! Everything they’ve done for our company produces fruit 100 times over so we can’t sing their praises loud enough. We intend to bring all of our critical projects to them in the foreseeable future. Each member of their organization brings a unique flavor to their product and everything collaborates together perfectly. It may sound a little silly, but we’ve come to call their product a “symphony of creative artwork.” Our only regret is that we can’t have them all to ourselves.
Ross Haugland, Freedom Services Inc.