Aww shucks…

OrangeBall Creative is legit! I’ve been to the web development rodeo before and the OrangeBall experience was unlike any other. They took my disorganized vision and transformed it into a truly unique site. OrangeBall delivered a visually stimulating, clearly branded, lead generating, beast of a website unlike so many of their competitors who deliver a prefabricated, look-a-like, unmemorable product. Every detail including keeping our SEO positioning, lead form/CRM integration, mobile optimization, and regulatory revisions were tackled with gusto and skill. Thank you for helping us Bounce our business to the next level!
Dale Petrillo, Educator Mortgage
OrangeBall is the real deal, period! Everything they’ve done for our company produces fruit 100 times over so we can’t sing their praises loud enough. We intend to bring all of our critical projects to them in the foreseeable future. Each member of their organization brings a unique flavor to their product and everything collaborates together perfectly. It may sound a little silly, but we’ve come to call their product a “symphony of creative artwork.” Our only regret is that we can’t have them all to ourselves.
Ross Haugland, Freedom Services Inc.
The OrangeBall team was my one-stop-shop for all my mobile app development needs. They developed our first mobile app, as well they created the product videos for all our other mobile apps. They were so well received they ended up being used for TV commercials. We worked so closely and well together it felt like one team. If you are looking for a partner and not just a company for help on your next project, get some bounce. The OrangeBall Bounce.
Chip Pedersen, Concrete Software
The OrangeBall Creative team did a great job and got things done right the first time! I can say with certainty that the OrangeBall team is by far the best web development team I have ever had the privilege to work with. They did an excellent job of understanding my business and helped me create an innovative image to drive my business forward. They built my web site according to our original schedule and completed on budget. They took our ideas and implemented a unique solution using best practices to drive SEO so that my site shows up higher in the search results. They gave us multiple options and helped pointed us in the best direction when there were multiple solutions. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way our site turned out.
Chad Anderson, Cirrius Solutions Inc
OrangeBall is a great group of creatives! They have done a fantastic job on all my projects. The team has gone above and beyond with countless revisions, working odd hours/weekends and extensive industry knowledge. They bring their imaginative eye to each piece to ensure that the end result looks great. They’re such an amazing team to work with; artistic, easygoing, flexible, honest, incredibly helpful and just plain rad!
Julie Nguyen, Nickelodeon
We began working with OrangeBall two years ago to have them develop our new company website.  During the development, the team was extremely efficient in retrieving the necessary information needed to build the site. They made suggestions based on our company goals and the end product was exactly what we were hoping for. I have had many compliments on the site from our clients and retail customers.  Since building the site, we have made various updates, as well as developed a telemarketing portal to market to one of our channels of distribution.  OrangeBall’s response time was impeccable, and our tasks were always completed quicker than we expected. Having experts like OrangeBall take over responsibility for the creation and upkeep of our site was one of the best investments our company has made.  The professionalism and quality workmanship shows in every project OrangeBall has been involved with. I would highly recommend OrangeBall for all aspects of website creation and maintenance. Thank you for always being there for us when we need help.
Bob Milborn, B. Milborn and Associates
OrangeBall is great to work with! They have always met my tight timelines and budgets while still offering creative solutions to meet my needs. I would recommend them to anyone.
Megan Kubacki, Activision
The OrangeBall team is comprised of true professionals. They understand our needs and know how to get the job done right….on time and on budget. They have a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to meet our creative needs. They also challenge us to make our projects turn out better that what we originally envisioned.
David Witzig, Encore
OrangeBall Creative has been great to work with. The attention to detail, quick responses, and the great designs we have received have allowed us to send top-notch materials to our members that are eye-catching and fun. With their help we have been able to increase awareness of our programs and fill them with excited customers.
Tyler McKean, Northern Star Council
I had the pleasure of working with this talented crew before they formed their design super-group OrangeBall, but their creativity, professionalism and expertise never ceases to impress. I challenged them with a multi-faceted project comprising of 27 DVD and Blu-ray SKUs that each contained hundreds of nuanced details and underwent multiple rounds of approvals.  Thankfully, the OrangeBall team kept themselves meticulously organized amidst the onslaught of correspondence and delivered truly outstanding finished products in a neat and tidy package.  I highly recommend the OrangeBall group for projects of any size and scale and look forward to working with them again in very near future.
Barrett Evans, Mill Creek Entertainment
With very little time and very little creative direction, OrangeBall took on a project with great enthusiasm — and delivered a result that made my client tremendously happy.  Through revisions and changes in direction, OrangeBall kept ON the ball in ways both big and small, and ended up creating a perfect solution that met all of our needs … and then some!
John Singh, DreamWorks Animation
OrangeBall has been integral to most of our business projects.  Remarkably, on most occasions they are given very short notice, yet the team are always available and responsive to both understanding our needs, and then working around the clock to deliver the solutions.  We consider OrangeBall to be an extension of our own team.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.
Martin Good, Jambo
The OrangeBall team has been a fantastic partner for our start-up business. They have been an invaluable resource working on everything from logo design, to website implementation and presentation support. The team’s work has been quick and responsive to our requests. Can’t say enough good things about the OrangeBall team!
Scott Guthrie, Jambo
The OrangeBall Creative team is the perfect fit for any firm who is looking to pull together all of the modern marketing disciplines: print, online and social media — including motion graphics and video. We like how tightly their team works together — we feel appropriately heard and challenged in our production meetings. After trying three other firms, we think OrangeBall is the right combination of strategic & responsive, visual and verbal… and fun to work with.
Paul Batz, Good Leadership Enterprises
We smile now thinking about how we interviewed you for logo design, thinking we’d need to find others for marketing, uniforms, website, menu, etc., only to discover your team could not only handle all these things, but would master them. You’ve proven yourselves the total package as you presented unique, fresh and creative ideas. More importantly, you helped us develop them into a complete concept in an amazingly short amount
of time. Your enthusiasm encouraged us when decisions were tough. Your professionalism and skillful directing of our project kept us energized. We love our logo, uniforms, posters, marketing pieces and our colors. Our website is fresh, easy to use and set up to do so much more as we add to our restaurant concept. Many guests have commented on how nice the website and menu work on their smart phones, even compared to a lot of big companies. We know that you were intentional about this and definitely succeeded. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Shonna Caswell, Unhinged Pizza
OrangeBall Creative is my one stop shop for all my design needs. Most recently they assisted me with a complete website design, including a great placeholder landing page while they built out the rest of the site I needed for a new product  launch. One of the key attributes of this team is that they integrate across multiple platforms for consistent messaging. Their knowledge is essential to address all my needs for web based marketing visual applications for computers, mobile & tablet applications. The OrangeBall folks are excellent communicators, project design leaders and fantastic at execution.
Tracy Magnuson, Think Marketing