Three Ways to Become More Magnetic to Your Customers

How do we attract more customers and clients? How can we be more magnetic to them? Whether you provide a service or sell a product, collecting some basic insights on what your customers and clients need and want is an essential part of becoming magnetic. You can’t create compelling content marketing, design an engaging new website, or pitch your business to a prospect unless you know how you can help them first. Here are a few questions we ask in our process at OrangeBall to help guide this…

1. What are your customer’s pain points? As in, where are they feeling stuck today? What is causing them anxiety or aggravation? What’s that one thing, that if you told them you could fix it, they would come to you without hesitation? We have a client who offers fractional HR and finance services to other companies. They help businesses who are experiencing the pains of not having financial clarity, managing people and teams, and hiring the right staff to fill those gaps. Their product may be a person who works alongside a business’s team – but what they’re really selling is financial certainty, assurance that they are HR compliant, and a solution that allows them to fill their gaps without committing to a full-time hire. They’re selling a pain-reliever.

2. The second question to ask is this… What are your customer’s aspirations? As in, what are the goals they have for their lives that you can help them achieve? Are there ways that your product or service can help them achieve something they want, not necessarily tied to a pain, but focused on one of their dreams or ambitions? We have a client who sells wood chips that help people master the art of grilling and make them feel more confident when making meals for family and friends. The product is the wood chips – but what they’re actually selling is that confidence and mastery. They’re selling something that helps people achieve a goal.

3. The third question we explore is this… What about your brand and how you do things will differentiate you in your customers’ minds? As in, what combination of things do you bring to the table that makes you unique and magnetic to someone who needs your product or service? You’ll notice we used the word “combination” when asking that question. Rarely is there one differentiator that will make you stand out in a crowd of competitors. More likely, 2 or 3 things make you unique and will get your customer’s attention.

By answering the three questions above, you’ll find yourself on the right track to understanding who your customers are and how you can best ease their pains or help them achieve their goals. Connecting those dots is the first step to becoming magnetic and creating relationships with them that allow you to grow. When you add value to your customers’ lives, great things happen… you just need to understand where that value lies.


Today’s call to action is simple. To become more magnetic to your customers, do the exercise above and answer those three simple questions. Then, spend some time talking to current clients and customers, asking them how they would answer those same questions. Compare your answers to make sure what you think and what is real are aligned, and you’re on your way!

This is work we have been doing with clients for almost a decade now. If you find yourself getting stuck or you want to take this even more in-depth, we’d love to explore that with you. Reach out and have a conversation about what that would look like and how you could leverage our expertise to increase your marketing’s impact, starting with understanding your customers better.

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