Making Celebration Your 2022 Launchpad

Too often, we get too busy doing too many things. Amid all of the “too’s” in our lives, we end up neglecting all of the things we have to celebrate. Right now, as we’re preparing to launch into 2022, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and celebrate.

The word “celebrate” is interesting. Look it up in a thesaurus, and you’ll find synonyms including words like “observe” and “memorialize.” Celebration is really an exercise in looking back and recognizing something good, valuable, or meaningful in our lives. We celebrate things like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations on the personal side of our lives. Today, our focus is on the professional side, exploring the areas where we have grown and achieved as individuals, as teams, and in our businesses.

Grab a pen and piece of paper, and spend some time writing down your thoughts…

The Wins
Take a moment and look back over the past year. Where have you grown? What have you achieved? Where did you make unexpected gains? What are you the most proud of? What events created the most impact this year, and which ones will continue creating impact in the years to come? Write these things on that list you’re starting to create.

The Losses
It can be easy to look at any “failures” you experienced over the past year and apply the “negative” label to them. What can be a bit more challenging is finding the silver linings. What did you learn from the past year’s failures? What were some of the close calls? How will those failures make you stronger, smarter, and more agile in the future? We need to celebrate these things as well. Add them to your list!

The People
If you’re reading this, you would likely agree that people are everything. From the individuals we work with on our teams to the customers and clients we serve, people make all the difference and create our experiences. So, as you’re working on your list of things to celebrate, include the people in your circle. Which teammates elevated you and lifted you up this past year? Which clients challenged you? Which relationships made your business better? Who are you glad that you met? Add these to your list as well!

If you’ve done the exercise above, you have a solid list of things to celebrate. Now, find a way to get intentional and celebrate those things! Talk about them at your Christmas and holiday parties. Send someone a note or a gift. Spend some time reflecting on the wins, the losses, and the people… along with everything else you have to celebrate as you move into the new year.

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