Hey there, how are you doing today?

We start each week with eyes wide open, looking for new things to share and conversations to open up in our blog. This week, we want to share a project that one of our partners is working on, and ask you to consider adding your insights.

Here at OrangeBall, as we’ve walked through this pandemic with our clients, we’ve seen and experienced the many faces of COVID. It’s been a winding, rocky path to walk. Some clients have found themselves thriving in the middle of this, and others have experienced the negative effects of this virus on their business. Some will come through this unscathed, or possibly in an even better position than they started… and others continue making tough decisions about the future of their businesses and organizations. Positive or negative, none of us will come out on the other side of this pandemic without being affected.

With that in mind, the question that keeps coming up in all our conversations is simply this, “How are you doing?”

We ask it because we care, and we’re prepared when we ask that question to hear any answer that comes our way.

“I’m doing great,” or “I’m really struggling right now.”

Our reason for asking is very simple… We want to help, and we want to be there for the people in our circle when they need us.

For the last two years, John from our team has been writing the Depth Not Width blog. He’s been exploring the connections between our work and personal spaces, and how we can create more depth in our lives. Topics have ranged from how we can be better leaders, to how we can become more efficient, to the interesting life lessons he’s picking up from his teenage kids.

Today, he’s asking something new, and we wanted to include your voice in the discussion. Through the Depth Not Width blog, John has put together a quick survey that asks these simple questions:

  1. Today, I am feeling… (Multiple choice)
  2. What three words describe how you’re feeling today?
  3. What are you the most excited about or optimistic about today?
  4. What is causing you the most stress or anxiety today?
  5. I would describe experiencing “depth” in my life as:
  6. The one thing that is preventing me from creating more depth in my life professionally right now is:
  7. The one thing that is preventing me from creating more depth in my life personally right now is:

The answers are all being collected anonymously to help open the door to an honest and transparent look at how we’re all holding up. Already, the replies that he’s seen coming in are running the gamut. Some of us are managing this all very well; others are struggling. A common thread so far seems to be a spirit of hope. As part of the Insights blog, we’ll share more here as he pulls in more results and insights.

For today, we just wanted to extend the invitation to lend your voice to this conversation. Just like John, we care deeply about the community we serve here at OrangeBall, and we’re interested in this effort to take the pulse of the individuals we’re partnering with.

Take the survey today by clicking here.

From all of us here at OrangeBall, we hope your day is full of Bounce!

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