Fishing for Leads

Whether you’re chasing new leads for your business, trying to attract new employees, or working to connect with donors as a non-profit, the process can feel a lot like fishing. Here’s what we mean…

Let’s start here. You buy a brand new fishing lure. It’s shiny, colorful, it wiggles just the right way, and the hooks are sharp. You’re ready to fish, right? It’s not quite that simple…

There are some other questions to ask yourself. Are you using a strong enough fishing line? Do you have the right type of rod? Do you have a boat that can get you to the right spots on the lake? Do you know where those right spots are? Do you understand what kind of fish thrive in those spots? Are you even on the right lake? Do you have electronics to find the fish? Do you know how to cast or jig the right way? Is it a time of year or time of day when the fish are biting? How is the weather? Too hot or too cold?

The list goes on and on…

All of these factors dictate whether your fishing trip is successful or not. At the end of the day, that shiny lure is great, but it is just ONE of many elements you need to catch fish. If you just had the lure, but no rod, no line, no boat or experience on the lake, that lure wouldn’t help you catch fish no matter how shiny it is.

Say, for example, that your email campaign is your lure. It’s shiny, bright, and the hooks are sharp. That should ensure high ROI on the campaign, right? In theory, but ONLY if you understand your audience, where they live, and how they interact. Getting them to bite also requires other elements: your rod, your fishing line, your electronics, your boat, and a strong knowledge of the lake. Think of those as your branding, your website, your print materials, etc. They all work in tandem to help you land your fish.


All of these pieces have to work together to help you land that next prospect, attract that new employee, or connect with that donor. Our encouragement to you is this… Take a moment and look at your brand, from your logo to your website to your print marketing, and ask yourself, “Are they all working together? Am I fishing in the right spots? Am I missing any critical pieces to land the big one?”

At OrangeBall Creative, we’re in the business of creating shiny lures with sharp hooks AND combining those with strong fishing line, the perfect rod, the right boat, and a good knowledge of the lake so that you are fully prepared with everything you need. We look closely at the relationship between all of these elements to make sure you are ready to catch the big one with every cast.