We developed the 3Cs as a way to help our clients define great design. By measuring our work based on the elements of Creativity, Consistency and Connection, we are able to target our efforts based on your desired goals and outcomes.


We believe that there are 3 “Cs” that define every great brand. At the core is Creativity. It has the power to spark curiosity, start conversations, grab someone’s attention and hold on to it. Let’s face it, no one ever says “Let’s be less creative.” It’s what differentiates the memorable from the easily forgotten. We think it matters so much we put it in our own name.


Consistency is the second of the 3Cs. It’s one of the key elements consumers look toward in developing trust and confidence in you and your brand. It simply involves delivering one consistent message, with one voice, to ensure that all your marketing efforts strengthen one another.


Your company has a story to share. From the words and visuals you choose, to where you decide to share that story, you have the opportunity to create real experiences for your audience. Think for a moment… How is your brand currently connecting with your market? Are you stirring curiosity, launching conversations and creating interaction through your marketing?


So we’ve introduced you to the 3Cs… now what?

Using the wheel below rate your company from 1-5 starting with your logo. Is it creative? Is it consistent with all your other branding? Is it current and does it inspire connection for your customers? Fill in the dot that best answers those questions, 5 being in line with the 3Cs, and 1 for areas in which you may be lacking. Continue around the circle and repeat this for each item. Then, connect the dots you filled in to create a wheel. Is your wheel small? Is it round or deflated in some areas? Our goal for you is to create a large, round wheel that spins freely, gains momentum and creates real connections and engagement.



One Last C…

We’ll leave you with one last “C”… Call. As in, “Call us and let’s talk a bit about where you’re at, what you need and how we can help.” Hopefully you’ve seen something in the 3Cs that has resonated with you and given you the tools to evaluate your own marketing. We would love to be the partner that brings Creativity, Consistently and Connection to your brand and strengthens your business.